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   All American Home Inspections provides water testing services.  I provide many different kinds of water testing scans to those concerned over the quality of a water source.

   The Advanced Environmental Health Scan provides results for some 250 specific potential contaminants and parameters which are valuable in determining water quality. Included are Identification of genus and species of any micro-organisms present, 25 standard inorganic parameters, Radon, 61 volatile organic compounds, 3 herbicides, 19 pesticides 9 additional heavy metals, 114 Semi volatile organics and 5 other parameters.   

   Environmental Scan This scan includes coliform and E. Coli, Standard plate count, 25 standard inorganic parameters, 61 volatile organic compounds, 3 herbicides, 19 pesticides, 9 additional heavy metals and 5 other items.

   Basic Water Scan that simply lets you know if there are Coliform and/or Fecal E. Coli present in the sample.

   If you have NO adverse information suggesting pollution from industrial or agricultural sources, our Comprehensive Scan is a good choice for the first test of your water. It covers over 90 common parameters of water quality including E. Coli, Arsenic, Lead and Volatile Organic Compounds (including MTBE) and radon.

   For the budget conscious person who is clear that their water is pretty good, there is virtually no possibility of organic compounds being present (that is your water source is several miles or more from a gas station or any fuel storage tank - including heating oil), then our Standard Scan is a good choice for these customers.

   If your concerns include pesticides from either household or agricultural use, your choices include: Comprehensive Plus Pesticides, Environmental Scan, and Advance Environmental Health Scan.

   If there are gastrointestinal issues suspected of being sourced in micro-organisms then one of these scans will meet your needs: Health Scan $320.00, Advanced Environmental Health Scan.

   Radon in Water is tested for in the following scans: Radon in Water, Complete Radon, Comprehensive Scan, Comprehensive Plus Pesticides Scan, Health Scan, Environmental Scan and Advance Environmental Health Scan.

   All of the following are in most Scans (Standard Scan, Comprehensive Scan, Comprehensive plus Pesticides, Health Scan, Environmental Scan, Advanced Environmental Scan): total coliform, fecal/E. coli bacteria, lead, nitrate, nitrite, radon, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, chloride, chlorine, color, hardness, pH, total dissolved solids, sulfate, ammonia, alkalinity, odor, conductivity, sediment, turbidity, arsenic.

   Hopefully the information above assists you in deciding the best choice of water testing for your circumstance. One of the conventional scans will probably meet your needs. Contact me at 209-742-3974 or 209-966-8418 to schedule a test or help you choose the appropriate test.

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